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Social media influencer and holistic health advocate, Sarah Stevenson takes time out to share her story with Go Mag.

GO: How has your daily routine changed since starting your YouTube Channel?

SS: Honestly, my YouTube channel has made me so much more productive, motivated and positive. Years ago I was notorious for sleeping away the day, moseying around the house and procrastinating when it came to anything important. I suppose now that I genuinely love what I do, and I’m so passionate about spreading a message of positivity, health, body awareness, and sisterhood, that I’m excited to wake up and start my day. Nowadays I’m up super early, smashing out a morning working and then jumping straight into filming, editing or working on an upcoming project for Sarah’s Day.

GO: What are your non-negotiables when it comes to your health?

SS: My diet consists of absolutely zero gluten and dairy. I mean, I’m intolerant to both substances. I only really like to eat organic and activated nuts, not only for the health benefits, but I genuinely feel a difference in my digestion when I’m consistent with this. While I stick to a whole foods based diet, if I opt for anything pre-packaged it’s imperative that it’s made up of whole foods and I can identify and pronounce every ingredient. I steer clear of anything artificial and overly processed. Real, whole food is where it’s at!

GO: How has a change in diet helped your own health issues?

SS: Definitely modifying and managing my diet over the past few years can take 95 percent of the credit for overcoming my hormonal acne, chronic digestive issues, and poor energy levels. While I frequently visit my long-time naturopath and herbalist, I do a lot of my own research and listen to my body. I will often dial in on one particular issue I want to manage, overcome or change, and adapt my diet to suit.

GO: What helped you most in your battle with hormonal acne?

SS: Treat it from the inside out! I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on topical treatments, creams, antibiotics, the pill and more, only to make it worse. Particularly when it comes to hormonal acne, it’s caused by just that – hormones! And I discovered there are natural, safe and healthy ways to help balance them out. I encourage everyone to find an amazing naturopath, herbalist or traditional Chinese medicine practitioner to begin you on your journey to healing and balancing from within.

GO: Now that you’re pregnant (congrats!), have you had any cravings and what changes have you had to make to your schedule?

SS: Woohoo! Thank you very much. In the first trimester, my cravings were so bizarre and random! Before getting pregnant I would honestly crave healthy foods like banana, fruit and nut mix, avocado or smoothies. Once my pregnancy nausea kicked in I wanted anything from deep-fried Chinese takeaway to sour candy! I tried to create healthy versions of these foods and cook a lot from home! My schedule has remained rather the same, however, my workouts are a little shorter and moderate. Nowadays I train for half an hour in the morning, and then take my dog for a long afternoon walk or do some Pilates at home.

Try Sarah’s Vegan Deluxe Mix Loaf (it’s kinda like a sticky date pudding!)