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Dr. Bronner’s, world famous soapmakers, founded in 1948, are committed to treating ‘Spaceship Earth’ like home. They are passionate about regenerative organic agriculture and its ability to heal the earth.

Regenerative organic agriculture can sequester huge amounts of excess carbon from the air, and bring it back into healthy soil in the form of stable organic matter. This is how soil was formed in the first place and, along with reforestation and not burning fossil fuels, it is one of the most significant steps we can take to reverse climate change.

Dr. Bronner’s is proud to work with their suppliers and farmers worldwide – in Ghana, India, Samoa, and Sri Lanka – to improve their livelihoods while simultaneously regenerating soil. A Special Operations team focuses on education and regenerative organic techniques that build up soil fertility, increasing yields and profits for small farmers while also aiding local communities’ resilience to heat waves and storms. These techniques include crop rotation, cover cropping, composting and dynamic agroforestry.

Since 2008, Dr. Bronner’s has been certified Fair Trade for all major raw materials. Shifting supply chains to use certified Fair Trade ingredients makes a big difference in the lives of several thousand farmers and workers – and it is money well spent. Along with their families and communities, farmers and workers all benefit from fair prices, living wages and funding for local development projects.

In all that they do, Dr Bronner’s is generous, fair and loving to ‘Spaceship Earth’ and its inhabitants. For they are All-One or None! All-One!