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The Gut Brain Axis: Body Connection

World renowned therapist and wellness expert Marisa Peer explains how plant-based prebiotics nourish the mind body connection

A leading pathway to healing the mind is to heal the gut, which is why I amendorsing Kfibre-a plant-derived, vegan prebiotic that is designed to healand nourish the gut-brain axis.

As a therapist, speaker, best-selling author and the founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®), my work focuses on the power of the mind.It is very important to understand why healing and supporting your gut haspowerful effects on the mind, a dynamic referred to by scientists as the “gut-brain axis.”

When we talk about the mind-body connection, there is an emphasis on how our thoughts create physicaland emotional reactions in the body. However, it actually works both ways, particularly when it comes to gut health, because the gut-brain axis covers the bi-directional communication between the central nervous system and the gut microbiota, and back again.

Prebiotic power

One thing that your body, mind and gut all absolutely need is a naturalprebiotic. I have been using Kfibre for several months as part of my morningroutine, and I have found that it has made an amazing difference to my guthealth. Doctors call the gut ‘the second brain’ and we really need to takecare of it.


Kfibre is the world’s first sugarcane-based prebiotic. It is a virgin prebiotic andfunctional fibre source that can be used for gut health management andmicrobiome support. Developed in Australia by leading wellness companyHealth Food Symmetry, it supports the all-important microbiome, helpsnormalise digestion, addresses the dietary causes of bloating and indigestion, and assists with weight maintenance. For people who suffer fromuncomfortable digestive problems, Kfibre is a welcome addition to a holistic treatment protocol. Not only can it help reduce physical symptoms and promote regularity, it also alleviates the low confidence and self-esteemissues that come with chronic bloating and digestion problems.


Kfibre’s unique flour-like formula is backed by four independent humanclinical trials, three in-vitro scientific trials, and over eleven years of researchand development at the University of Queensland and the University of Tasmania. It is now available worldwide. It is vegan, sugar, gluten and dairyfree, and contains no known dietary allergens, making it an accessiblechoice for every lifestyle and preference.


Kfibre is easy to integrate into a healthy lifestyle. I recommend adding the powder to a smoothie or yogurt, baking it into a breakfast bar, or simply adding a spoonful to a glass of water. Produced in the Burdekin region of far North Queensland, Kfibre’s powdered formula is derived from sugar cane, butis 95% sugar reduced with a neutral taste. (Only 4 calories per serve)

Delicious inspiration

Kfibre is one of the most versatile products on the market. Not only will it assistwith increasing your dietary fibre intake, but it can be easily added tomultiple meals and drinks across the day, because it is tasteless as anadditive. Note that Kfibre is a prebiotic which is mainly insoluble (with a small percentage being soluble) and will not dissolve in liquids or food. Try these ideas:

Smoothies Follow any new or favourite tried-and-true recipe, and add 1teaspoon of Kfibre per person before blending with other ingredients.

Soups, stews and curriesUsing any recipe you have, add 1 teaspoon of Kfibre per serving to the main cooking pot when ready to serve. (Do not add Kfibre during cooking, as this will reduce the potency of the antioxidant ingredients.)

Oats, porridge, rice porridge or rice pudding Follow any recipe and add 1 teaspoon per person to the main cooking pot when ready to serve.

Tip:You may need to add a little more milk or water to the porridge or pudding, because Kfibre will absorb liquid.

Water and juice When adding a teaspoonful of Kfibre to a glass of water orjuice, make sure you stir it in very well to ensure that you are getting all the soluble and insoluble fibres. Always sip a little extra water after your Kfibre drink, to rinse your mouth and throat thoroughly.

Baking Kfibre can be added to any type of flour. Use 1 tablespoon of Kfibre per cup of flour, and then follow the recipe as usual. For a crumble topping, bliss ball mix or biscuit base, add 2 tablespoons of Kfibre to the ingredients. Always add Kfibre to the dry ingredients first, and mix well.
Tip: You may needa little more rising agent or liquid in the mixture. Kfibre has no know allergens and is FODMAP accredited by Monash universityfor IBS Symptoms


Marisa Peer’s RTT training has close to 13,000 practitioners globally and isusing a compilation approach with HFS/Kfibre to ensure healthy gut healthy Mind. For more information visit: https://marisapeer.com/kfibre


Kfibre Go Vita Australia


Kfibre is a natural, complex, raw un-purified prebiotic dietary fibre for gut health management and microbiome support containing active phytonutrients & antioxidants and that equals raw prebiotic power for all stages of life and diets, this includes children on solids to our Great-Grandparents.





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